Aldred St.   Lincoln St.   Andover St.   Athol St.   Beech St.  
Stoker W.Pilling RR Pte. J.H.Wilson RL Pte. A.J. Smith LF Pte. J. Durrigan MR Pte. T. Hurst RL
Rifleman W.Edwards RRR Pte. J. Wilson MR Pte. A.L. Felstead LF Pte. J. Mather MR Cpl. G. Lingard RL
Pte. W.Howarth LF Pte. H Wilson RWR Pte. T. Morris RSR Pte. T. Mather RSR Pte. A. Maiden RMLI
Pte. J.Burns CR Pte. R.Crompton CR Pte.W. Morris RM Pte. T. Oakley LF Cpl. J. Ashurst MR
Pte. W.Hayes LF Pte. R.Abraham ASC Pte. J. Guinnane RL Pte. J. Oakley LF Pte. J Deakin MR
Pte. J.Hayes MR Pte R.Abraham RFA Pte. W. Thornley MR Pte. C. Mason RF Pte. E. Casey LF
Pte. Michael Connor LF Pte. G. Pearce ASC Pte. W. Taylor LF Bdr. P. Mason RFA Pte. E. Maiden * CR
L.Cpl. J.Bent LF L.Cpl. J.Goldstrong LF Pte. W.H. Hudson LNL A.B. A. Mason RN Sgt. F. Mc Kierran * LF
Pte. E.Proctor RLR Pte. C.Barnes RORL Pte. H. Potts LF Gnr. J. Mason RGA Pte. W. Day LF
Pte. H.Proctor MR Cpl.A.Doyle MR Pte. R. Pearce SR Cpl.H. Mason RMLI Pte. R. Dean * LF
Driver. E.Cavanagh RFA Pte. J.Johnson LF Arnold St.   Gnr.B.Mason RFA Pte.J.Buxton RB
Cpl. J.Pryor, DCM RE Pte. J.Scott LF Pte. J. Jameson ASC Pte. J. Farrell LF Pte. C.B. Kirkham MR
Pte J.Geary LF Pte. D.W. Jones MR Pte. H. Jameson LF Cpl.J.Corrigan LF New Lane  
Gnr. J.Kent RFA Pte. J.E.Jones LF Pte. J. Henderson LF Pte. J.Corrigan MR Capt. Adjt. Thoms SLR
Pte G. Warroll LF Pte. R.Jones MR Driver. J. Henderson ASC Cpl. J. Fieldhouse LF Pte. T. Thoms SLR
Pte. J.Wilson RLR Gnr. T. Myers RFA Sgt. C. Cann LF A.B. W Fieldhouse RNVR Pte. H. Thoms LF
Pte. G. Mennell LF Rifleman. J. Stockley RIR Pte. J.H. Clegg CR Pte. Michael Donlon LI Pte. L. Thoms LF
L.Cpl.W. Radcliffe MR Pte. J. Curley LF Pte. J. Clegg RE A.B. J Rustidge RNVR Pte. E. Davis * MR
Cpl. W.Pasco RE L.Cpl. R. Cooper RORL Cpl. J. McCann ASC Cpl. J. Rustidge LF Sapper. H. Davis RE
Pte. N.Doyle WR Pte. S. Cooper LF Pte. T. McCann LF L.Cpl. A. Robson LF Sapper. T. Clare RE
Cpl. W.Hamilton LF Cpl. W. Barton RORL Pte. J. McCann CR Pte. W. Hembrough LF Pte.A.Clare RL
Pte. T.Priete LNL Pte. A. Woodfine RL Pte. B. Cutts CG Pte. J. O'Toole RL Sapper. H. Wild RE
Gnr. S. Murray RGA Cpl. J.Barton LNL Cpl. J.P. Davis CR Pte. T. Newall RFA Pte. J.O. Wild LF
Gnr. J.Murray RFA Pte. N.Wright RL Sgt. P. De-Arcy RHA Pte. J. Newall LF Pte. E. Tonge LF
-T.Murray BR Bdr. T.H. Warburton RFA Pte. T. Valentine LF Pte. John Newall LF Pte. J.H. Tonge LF
Driver.R.Ashcroft RFA Gnr. W. Warburton RGA Pte. G. Creasey AVC Sgt. C.R. Goulding LF Pte. J. Griffiths ELR
Cpl. H..Ashcroft. MR Atherton St.   A.B. - P. Maloney RNVR Pte F. Charlton LF    
Sgt. S.Shaw LF Pte. A.Abbott TFMR Pte. J. Kenstey LF Gnr.P. O'Donnell RFA    
Pte. T.Shaw LF Pte.A. Richardson MR LCpl. T. Roberts LF Sgt. T. O'Donnell RIR    
Pte J.Jordan LF Driver. C.Bagshaw ASC Pte. Tim O'Brien CR Bdr. B. O'Donnell RGA    
Pte. Jones WG Sapper. G. Roberts RE Pte. T. Clarke SLR Cpl. J. Shields AOC    
Pte.W.Potts SB A.B. J. Wilkinson RND Pte. A. Merrigold RL Pte. J Newhall TRB    
Dudley St.   Pte. P. Bibby EL Pte.H Worsnipp (MM) LF Pte. J. Elliot TRB    
Pte. Michael Kerrigan LF Pte. E. Steeples LF Florence St.   Pte. W. Bowker * LF    
Pte. J. Murgatroyd RAMC Pte. W.Hayman LF Sgt. F. Hearld LF Owen St.      
Driver. W.Newton ASC Pte. W.Maher MR Pte. J. Patten MR Pte. R. Daley RS    
Pte. J.Worthington RSLI Pte. E. Roberts RWF Pte. H. Martin ASC Sgt. G H McCormick RE    
O.S.M. Lees RNVR Pte. J. Roberts RWF Pte. W.H. Walton ASC L.Cpl. T. Massey RS    
L.Cpl. Lees MR Pte. A. Roberts RWF Winifred St   Pte. J. Sloane MR    
Pte. J.Abraham ASC Pte. C. Roberts RWF Driver. O. Boyle ASC Pte. T. Sloane SLR    
    Pte. W. Roberts RWF Driver. H. Stabler LF Pte. W. Sloane LF    
    Pte. W. Hughes LF Pte. J.W. Horrocks MR Pte. Joe Sloane ASC    
    Pte. H. Siddons RO Pte. J.W. Horrocks CR Pte. T. Childs CR    
    Pte. J. Artingstall RORL Pte. M. Perkins LF Pte.W. H.Higginbottom LF    
        L.Cpl. J. Lavelle CR Pte. A. Todd BR    





The Roll of Honour for the Andover Street Neighbourhood was sited on a shop wall on the corner of Andover Street and Athol Street, Patricroft, Eccles. The entrance to the shop was situated on Andover Street, the memorial contained the names of servicemen from the surounding streets, 21 of which were killed or died and 3 that were listed as prisoners of war and missing. The streets dedications on this roll were as follows: Aldred Street, 32 men listed, Andover Street, 10 men listed, Arnold Street, 22 men listed, Atherton Street, 17 men listed, Athol Street, 34 men listed, Beech Street, 12 men listed, Dudley Street, 7 men listed, Florence Street, 4 men listed, Lincoln Street, 26 men listed, New Lane, 13 men listed, Owen Street, 10 men listed, Winifred Street, 6 men listed.

During the redevelopment of the area, it was found neccessary to remove the memorial to avoid damage, this took place in October 1965 and consequentially the memorial was placed in the safe keeping of Monks Hall Museum.

The memorial in now currently under the care of Salford Museum and Art Gallery,The Crescent Salford.


Many thanks to Roger Hart for supplying the original transcription.

Images courtesy of Salford Local History Library.